The North Face Zagori Mountain Running becomes a member of ZEN

The North Face Zagori Mountain Running will take place for the 5th time in Zagori, on the 24-26 of July 2015. The event will include races of 80, 42, 21, and 10km. 

This year, the race will be different and superior, as the organization has become a member of the Zagori Excellence Network (ZEN). The two organizations have cooperated before, when last year ZEN operated as one of the race’s major supporters and organized a press trip with journalists and athletes from Israel, in order to promote and publicize the event.

After The North Face Zagori Mountain Running became a member of the network, the president of ZEN, Vasilis Katsoupas, stated the following: “ For the past year in Zagori, we have been trying to manifest the importance of synergies for an integrated presentation of the area. Therefore, we completely support any attempt and event, like this race, that are trying to subsidize the area and the local enterprises. The involvement of our new member in the network demonstrates the importance of combined efforts and will lead to better-organized events in the future.”

The initiator and technical manager of The North Face Zagori Mountain Running, Vasilis Tzoumakas, declared that: “The importance of volunteering and love for the area has become more than obvious in the race we have been successfully organizing for the past years. We are very glad that in cooperating with ZEN we have found people eager to step forward and help in our endeavor to showcase and promote our region and in the provision of better services.”

For this year’s race, ZEN will be the sole hospitality sponsor and the members of the network will join forces to guarantee an integrated and unique experience to the visitors.  At the same time, they are preparing a mutual plan of promotion of the race and the members of the network abroad. The plan will aim to raise international awareness for the race and entice more runners in the following years.