Awards for ZEN at the 2015 Tourism Awards

The Zagori Excellence Network and Zagori were honored for the second time at the Tourism Awards 2015 that were held, in Athens, on 12 March, under the auspices of Visit Greece .The Tourism Awards aim to signify the excellence and innovation in the Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure market. Many senior executives and tourism officials from all over the country attended the ceremony. 

The Zagori Excellence Network (ZEN) was awarded the Gold Award for Mountain Tourism and the Silver Award for Branding. These awards are following last year’s distinction, when the Silver Award for Strategic Partnership- Synergy was bestowed upon ZEN.

The Zagori Excellence Network is the first network of private companies in Greece and it was established in order to communicate and promote the area of Zagorohoria. ZEN is striving to stimulate the recognition of Zagori as a prime tourist destination, not only during the winter, but throughout the entire year. At the same time, they are attempting to become sovereign enough for the association with the network to be a promotion for the members itself. 

Some of the network’s members were awarded individually, as well.

The Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas was granted the Gold Award for Customer Experience, following a silver award in the same category last year. 

North Face Zagori Mountain Running, ZEN’s newest member, was awarded the Silver Award for Sports Tourism, certifying the race as one of the most significant ones in Greece. The North Face Zagori Mountain Run has been distinguished for its innovation, its results, its contribution to the national economy, and its employment of sustainability principles.