visits Zagori

One of the main objectives of the Zagori Excellence Network is the communication and promotion of Zagori, both in Greece and abroad. The members of the network hope to establish Zagori as a preeminent tourist destination, throughout the year. 

In an effort to enhance the promotion and the publicity of Zagori abroad, ZEN invited to Zagorohoria, to experience first-hand the flourishing nature and the unique architecture of the area. After their visit, the editors of will prepare a travel guide with advice and suggestions for vacation in Zagori. is the most famous website in the United Kingdom for hiking and nature loving tourism. It contains a wide range of mostly European destinations and recommends eco-friendly places to stay. Each guide includes suggestions about different activities, food, drink, festivals, and concerts. The aims to encourage tourists to be as environment friendly as possible when planning their vacation. In 2013, it was awarded the Best Online Consumer Travel Publication Award and the Travel Editor’s Green Award by the British Travel Press Awards.

The publication of a travel guide about Zagori on will reach many readers and travellers from Great Britain and many different parts of the world, who will become aware of everything the area has to offer and will be encouraged to visit it. 

The trip was held with the support of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) office in London, in the framework of GNTO’s endorsement of ZEN.