Zagori pies

One of the culinary specialties of the Zagorohoria is its savory pies.

Made with all sorts of ingredients, from mountain greens, to feta cheese, to pasta, to flour and eggs, seasoned with local herbs and spices, they are an art as much as a kitchen staple.

Developed as a way to make limited supplies feed more people, their recipes are simple but their amazing taste is anything but: the result of prime fresh local produce and countless little secrets passed on from mother to daughter through centuries of hardship and prosperity, the pies of Zagori are considered, even today, the ultimate test of a woman’s skill in the kitchen: sometimes the recipe calls for multiple see-through thin layers of pastry (hand-kneaded of course).

Oftentimes it is the elusive pitch of this or that herb that makes all the difference. Usually, the order with which each ingredient is added, or the temperature of the stone oven in which the pie is baked is the determining factor. And every time it is the local fresh ingredients, harvested at the right time, prepared in the traditional way, that give the Zagorohoria pies their unforgettable flavors. Honest, hearty and delicious, they are Zagori’s signature taste, perfect for all meals and in-between snacking!