Zagori for families

Featuring many small, family-run hotels and guestrooms and endless opportunities for fun, outdoors activities, Zagori is ideal for a short or longer family vacation.

Kids here play outside, in the village squares along with local kids: car traffic is minimal or non-existent in the stone-paved narrow village roads, so kids are safe.

The food is local, fresh, simple and delicious. And there’s so much to do! Horseback riding and paddling in the Voidomatis river, swimming in the Ovires natural pools, downhill hikes inside forests. There are snowmen to be built on the hotel room balconies and wild flowers to be smelled in the spring meadows. There are foxes to be seen at night and majestic eagles to be spotted at day.

There are endless shades of green and tales about the dragons that lived in the highest peaks of the Pindos mountains, throwing huge stones at each other (thus forming the region’s alpine lakes, called Dragon lakes or Drakolimnes). For older kids there are music festivals in the summer and ski lessons in the winter and there is also rafting and rappelling and river hiking. There truly is something for everybody at Zagori!