Weekend Getaway

Zagori is one of those places that once you get there, you instantly regret that you didn’t plan for more days to stay. But worry not: even if you are here just for the weekend we can help you pack a lot of Zagori in your stay - and you can always come back soon!

With only two days to spare, dedicate the first one to the area of Aristi and Papigo villages: have a laid back coffee, explore the stone paved village streets of Aristi and marvel at its architecture, then head to nearby Vikos village, to take a look at the majestic Vikos gorge from above. Then take the road towards Papigo, driving through Voidomatis valley. You can have a picnic there (most hotels and guest houses will be happy to prepare one for you), take a swim if weather permits, or just admire the pristine nature of this beautiful river. The Voidomatis valley is the starting point for many rafting and horseback riding routes, so you may want to try one of these. Outside Papigo take a moment to enjoy the impressive peaks of Astraka and see the Ovires, the natural pools that are hidden in a ravine. At Papigo take your time to explore one of the most beautiful villages of Zagorohoria, then enjoy a meal or coffee (with dessert of course!) at one of its many cafes.

Devote your second day to the area of Kipoi and its surrounding villages. If you are coming from the north, stop by at Ano Pedina to visit the Evangelistria monastery, then go southeast. There are a number of villages worth visiting: cute little evergreen Koukouli is beautiful all times of the year and features brooks that run through the village. Vitsa has amazing vistas over the Voidomatis valley and beautiful mansions. The Agia Paraskevi monastery in nearby Monodendri dons decks hanging over the Vikos Gorge. Further up, the Oxies forest leads to another Vikos observatory. Then head towards Kipoi, marveling at the stone bridges on your way there. End your trip at Kipoi enjoying a meal or coffee, recounting all the beauties you have seen and planning your next trip here!