Three days at Zagori

There are never enough days at Zagori, especially if you are here for the hiking, rafting or other outdoors activities this blessed land has to offer. Still, if you only have three days to spend here, there is still plenty to do.

You can follow our suggestions for a weekend – long stay, then dedicate a whole day into a hiking, canyoning or mountaineering activity: walk up to Gamila rocks, one of the Astraka peaks, or through the Vikos gorge. Or, if you prefer something more laid back, you can visit the villages around toward Tsepelovo: start at Vradeto (either by car or, if you are courageous, by climbing the Vradeto “skala”, the stone paved footpath leading there) and marvel at its views: it is the highest of the Zagorohoria, the Zagori villages, and offers breathtaking vistas throw-out. 

Then head to Tsepelovo – its alpine ambience will amaze you, and its small gallery, in a beautifully preserved building, is well worth a visit, both for the permanent collection (by artist Petros Papavassiliou) and for the temporary exhibitions held there. On your way back check out Kapesovo: the village is known for its religious artists and you can find some fine specimens of their distinctive style here, as well as a very interesting folk museum.