World's deepest gorge

Starting between Koukouli and Monodendri villages and ending at Vikos village, the Gorge of Vikos is a natural wonder, a beauty and a world record holder: with walls that reach 900m, it has been characterized by the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest gorge in the world! But this accolade is not the only reason to hike, or at least marvel it from one of the natural observatories scattered around the Zagorohoria, the villages of the Zagori: its nature is pristine, a haven for many endangered, rare fauna and flora species. Carved out by the mild flow of the Voidomatis River during thousands of years, its steep slopes reveal strata upon strata of the geological history of the mighty Pindos mountains.

There are four sites from which one can see the Vikos Gorge in all its glory: one is at Vikos village, where hikes begin or end. Another is from Beloi, at Vradeto village, the highest of the Zagorohoria, and the second hiking start / end point. The other two are in and above Monodendri: at the Agia Paraskevi monastery, a monastery built literally hanging from the cliffs above the gorge, with open balconies between the buildings that offer magnificent views, and at Oxia, where most of the iconic Vikos Gorge pictures you see around are taken.