Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a casual nature walker, in Zagori you will find countless trails to walk, from 45 minute long walks through brook valleys to 12 hour long hikes up the mountains to the alpine lakes. The European Long Distance Path E6 crosses through Epirus, going from west to east.

The national, comprehensive 03 will take you through most of the Zagori area. Plus, numerous local and traditional paths, used by the people of Zagori for centuries, are waiting to show you to all the magic Zagori holds: Shady evergreen forests and rich deciduous ones; mellow meadows in full spring bloom; canyons and ridges; adventurous trails and old traditional intravillage paths; rare, indigenous flora and rich fauna; the famous Vradeto “skala” and the even more famous Zagorian stone bridges.

The best of Zagori lies off the asphalt roads, among the picturesque villages.If you are a hiking buff, here you will be spoiled for choice: chose a route towards (or through) one of the Dragon Lakes (Drakolimni in greek), the alpine lakes found on the mountain tops of Smolikas and Tymfi (and Grammos and Mavrovouni), to challenge yourself, or walk the Vikos gorge, the deepest gorge in the world. If you are looking for an easy pleasant nature walk, you can try the Kapesovo – Koukouli – Kipoi route, a downhill trail going through a beautiful oak forest. If you are not sure what you will enjoy, ask one of our activities organizing members [λινκ στη σελιδα] to plan and guide you through a route that’s just perfect for you!