Kanella & Garifallo

Its name means “Cinnamon and Clove” but its cuisine is based on the numerous local varieties of mushrooms, both wild and cultivated, Zagori is famous for.

At Vitsa village, overlooking the gorge of Vikos, the deepest in the world, the taste of its dishes will make you forget the views!

If you just like mushrooms, you will fall in love with them here. If you are a mushroom aficionado, you are in heaven: the risottos! The mushroom soups and pies! And even if you are a mushroom skeptic, you will definitely find something to your liking here, from the well thought out meat and seasonal dish menu.

And try to save some room for the famous yogurt and (local) wild berries cheesecake – and the handmade desert liqueurs! Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss them!