About Us

Born out of a need to feature the best Zagori and the surrounding areas have to offer to the visitor, ZEN (the Zagori Excellence Network) is an initiative by a group of outstanding tourism, catering and activities businesses of this majestic region of Epirus, Greece. Aiming to stimulate excellence in the services provided, as well as to promote Zagori as a destination all year round, ZEN is a collaborative, private effort whose goals include:

  • The effective promotion of Zagori and its surrounding areas to the world markets through the creation of a strong, identifiable brand - one that successfully communicates the region’s many unique characteristics -  and a dynamic, 360 communication program.

  • The protection of the region’s environment, biodiversity, human geography and traditional economic activities and ways of life, through systematic preservation efforts, digitization of records, the promotion of sustainable practices and well balanced economic growth initiatives.

  • The promotion of quality and excellence in the services provided to visitors by its members, and by other businesses of the region, as a means to enhance the travel experience of its visitors.