With high mountains, the world’s deepest gorge, alpine lakes with rare fauna and flora, tame and not-so-tame rivers and streams, countless trekking paths, lush shady forests, rolling valleys and bare rocky peaks, Zagori and the rest of the Pindos national park is an outdoor paradise in its truest sense: beautiful every season, it features amazing opportunities to take in nature in all its unspoiled glory, enjoy your favorite outdoor activity and discover new exciting things you can do in the Great Outdoors (the capitalization will become apparent as soon as you get here).

Zagori is known the world over for its longer and shorter treks and river runs of various difficulty levels – but this is just the beginning: there’s horseback riding, archery and mountain bikes. There’s paragliding, exploring with 4X4s and canyoning. There’s skiing, snowboarding and bird watching. And there’s more.

So take a moment to let your imagination run wild: what would you like to experience in Zagori? Then, ask our expert activities organizers, below, to set it up for you. That’s all! Welcome to your mountain paradise!