Built on the shores of Lake Pamvotis, the enchanting capital of Epirus is dominated by the byzantine castle in its center, the oldest byzantine fortress in Greece.

A lively, picturesque city with an exciting history, Ioannina features a rich multicultural past with Greek, Ottoman and Jewish communities having coexisted here for centuries, a fact visible in the architecture, traditions and culinary specialties of the city.

Take a romantic stroll in the old castle city or visit the lake islet, home to some 600 inhabitants, where the fierce, controversial Ali Pasha of Tepeleni spent his last days.

Visit the interesting museums or shop around for the famous Ioannina silverware. Explore the tasty cuisine of the area and don’t forget to try the delicately made baklavas deserts. And look up, across the lake: the Zagorohoria lie just behind the mountain you see!